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Cezary Gapik – The Sum Of Disappearing Sounds | review by Justinas Mikulskis (Secret Thirteen)

May 4, 2012


“Cezary Gapik (also known as CEZAR) is a Polish performer of drone, abstract and experimental music, currently living and producing in Częstochowa. Affected of music creation in 1980 while being an animator of local punk rock bands, he studied the evolution of computer, was making music and right now he has released more than 30 […]

Cezary Gapik – The Sum Of Disappearing Sounds | review by Bruno Lasnier (The Milk Factory)

April 2, 2012


Although he started as a punk activist in his native Poland in the early eighties, at a time when the country was facing the first onslaughts of the huge struggle to escape the grip of communism which would characterise the next few years, Cezary Gapik went on to widen his musical horizon greatly as he […]

Des cendres à la cave: Cezary Gapik – The Sum Of Disappearing Sounds

April 1, 2012


Cezary Gapik – The Sum Of Disappearing Sounds Date de sortie : 2 mars 2012 | Label : Karlrecords   Après l’Italien afarOne en février et l’IDM post-classique de son excellent Lucen aux allures de Murcof midtempo (en écoute ici), on gardait une oreille pointée vers Hambourg et son rare mais précieux label Karlrecords – […]

Cezary Gapik – The Sum Of Disappearing Sounds | review by Raphael Feldmann (Kulturterrorismus)

March 5, 2012


Nicht nur an Ce­za­ry Gapik schei­den sich die Geis­ter, üb­ri­gens an mei­ner Per­son auch, der in dem Ham­bur­ger Label Karl­re­cor­ds einen groß­ar­ti­gen Ver­le­ger für seine jüngs­te Ar­beit “The sum of disap­pearing sounds” fand, wel­che mas­si­ve Dro­nes, deren Wur­zeln im In­dus­tri­al lie­gen, zu­ta­ge för­dert.Schmal, aus­ge­wählt und ex­zel­lent, dürf­te die pas­sen­de Um­schrei­bung für den Back­ka­ta­log von Karl­re­cor­ds […]

THE WIRE #337 / MARCH 2012 | review for: Cezary Gapik – “The Sum Of Disappearing Sounds”

February 28, 2012


“Abstract Depressionism” is how Polish musician Cezary Gapik pegs his own aesthetic, which is mostly an apt description. The blessed out vapour trail of his “Uncertainty [#0522]” is a considerable detour from miserabilism, adopting much more of an angelic feel with the same stratospheric arcs of sinewy digital smear heard throughout Kompakt’s seminal Pop Ambient […]

Cezary Gapik – Contrast I | review by ROCK-A-ROLLA #30

March 19, 2011


“With just over ten years’ of limited CD-R and digital releases under his belt already, Polish sound organiser Cezary Gapik finally makes his vinyl debut with his limited edition long-player. Featuring just one track per side, ‘Contrast I’ is a substantial slab of high quality electronics with an insidious depth and meditative power. Working shades […]