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Le streaming du jour #1915 : IRM presents – “IRMxTP Part XIV – Red Room (The Evil in These Woods)”

May 30, 2018


Radiations ténébreuses et digressions surréalistes émaillent ce 14e volet – l’avant-dernier à voir le jour – de notre hommage lynchien. Et pour cause, après en avoir chassé l’entrée au gré d’une échappée nocturne dans les méandres inquiétants de la forêt de Ghostwood (sur le volume 13, à télécharger là), c’est dans la fameuse Loge Noire […]

Mundo Urbano Podcast June 11 (Chapter III) by Cezary Gapik

Jun 21, 2011


“Cezary Gapik (3rd internacional collab) is active in the Polish underground for over two decades, Cezary’s work incorporates the fundamentals of avant-garde music by Stockhausen, Feldman, Ferrari et al with computer processing and collaborations with artists such as Scorn, creating music based on drones and micro-tonal sound interlaced with field recordings and glitch. Recently released […]

THE WIRE 325 / MARCH 2011 – review for: Cezary Gapik – “Contrast I”

Apr 3, 2011


“Gapik began his artistic career in 1980 as a teenage animator for local punk groups in his native Poland. Upon discovering the likes of Illusion Of Safety and La Monte Young, his work turnedtowards a power-drone agenda, with well a decade of self-released/web-published work. Marking his first publication on wax, ‘Contrast’ is a suitable title, […]

CEZARY GAPIK – “Contrast I” (Review: Experimedia)

Jan 25, 2011


The White Box label presents a release by Polish electronic experimental/harsh ambient drone musician Cezary Gapik. Gapik’s deeply unsettling soundscapes go beyond the primal “power electronics” assaults (which the label adores and thrives on), of early Whitehouse and Sutcliffe Jugend. They go far beyond the capabilities of many of the supposed “dark ambient” artists releasing […]