THE WIRE #337 / MARCH 2012 | review for: Cezary Gapik – “The Sum Of Disappearing Sounds”

Posted on Feb 28, 2012


“Abstract Depressionism” is how Polish musician Cezary Gapik pegs his own aesthetic, which is mostly an apt description. The blessed out vapour trail of his “Uncertainty [#0522]” is a considerable detour from miserabilism, adopting much more of an angelic feel with the same stratospheric arcs of sinewy digital smear heard throughout Kompakt’s seminal Pop Ambient series. Here, snow-blindingly bright tones stream alongside tidal washes of white noise and a tumbling filigree of airborne sonic dust. The other three lengthy tracks intensify and darken the album through accretions of resonant metallic timbres slowly revolving from harmonic overtones to rasping dissonance, leading to the ominous electronic pall of “Still, No Beginning, And … Without End”.                           –  Jim Haynes


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