Sub Spa – alternative visions of pleasures

Posted on Oct 18, 2011


photo by Tatiana Pacha


Audiovisual salon of alternative delights to all who are not able to find themselves in a solarium or a wellness clinic. Sounds that irritate and rub visceral. Video neurowipping.
Sub Spa is a project of musicians and visual artists who has been beyond any aesthetic trends, ideology or market. Uncompromisingly seek their particular forms of pleasure in a world of finely homogenized pseudo hedonism.

The project on the move. The work in progress.

Nonstatepsychosomatic electric no muzik
Cezary Gapikdrone glitch fields
Bartłomiej Kuźniaksub-bassess & contraphone
Marcin Bijakbeats & elektronics
Sara Skrajnaface – body – move
Mac Umaticmultilayer video performance



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