Mundo Urbano Podcast June 11 (Chapter III) by Cezary Gapik

Posted on June 21, 2011


“Cezary Gapik (3rd internacional collab) is active in the Polish underground for over two decades, Cezary’s work incorporates the fundamentals of avant-garde music by Stockhausen, Feldman, Ferrari et al with computer processing and collaborations with artists such as Scorn, creating music based on drones and micro-tonal sound interlaced with field recordings and glitch. Recently released “Contrast I” on White Box Recordings. In the coming months – CD “Fission” (Nuun Records – Eclipse Series)” – Mundo Urbano

Mix Track List:

1.    Aube – Vibrate Quietly (excerpt)
2.    Scorn – Light Trap
3.    Merzbow + Pan Sonic – V (excerpt)
4.    Ice – Out Of Focus
5.    Daniel Menche – Untitled (excerpt)
6.    Mark Spybey & Mick Harris – Dschungel B-216
7.    Cezary Gapik – #0520 [Fission] (excerpt)
8.    Suicide – Frankie Teardrop
9.    Plastikman – Contain
10.    Scorn – Well Sorted
11.    Cezary Gapik – #0473 [Tremor] (excerpt)

Total time: 64:08


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