Cezary Gapik – ‘Contrast I’ ….. the digital version now available [DIOGENES]

Posted on May 5, 2011


….. From the opening moments of side A’s monolithic ‘#0473 [Tremor]’, Gapik’s music asserts an unflinching, confrontational prowess all its own; an articulate slab of cold metallic sound, unrelenting, aurally oppressive and executed with total precision. If we’re talking power electronics here (and as far as side A goes, we are), it doesn’t get much more forward thinking than this.

Side B track ‘#0458 [Drowsiness]’, offers an altogether different approach to its side A counterpart, its peculiar clustered tones slowly creeping in and out of phase, seemingly designed to throw off the listener, traversing dark psychedelic territories. …..

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