THE WIRE 325 / MARCH 2011 – review for: Cezary Gapik – “Contrast I”

Posted on Apr 3, 2011


“Gapik began his artistic career in 1980 as a teenage animator for local punk groups in his native Poland. Upon discovering the likes of Illusion Of Safety and La Monte Young, his work turnedtowards a power-drone agenda, with well a decade of self-released/web-published work. Marking his first publication on wax, ‘Contrast’ is a suitable title, since both sides of the vinyl showcase two opposing aesthetics. “#0473 [Tremor]” is a controlled torrent of pressurised noise that expands from a metallic rumble up to a searing blast of distorted electronics. Gapik’s noise begins to burn out, with smouldering embers and ashen grit trailing upon growling tones. Where this side matches the intensity of an early Emaciator or some of Daniel Menche’s more electronic releases, the B side is an entirely contemplative affair, as muffled tones ropple and shimmer out of nocturnal shadows into bioluminescent blooms.”  – Jim Haynes



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