Cezary Gapik – Contrast I | review by ROCK-A-ROLLA #30

Posted on Mar 19, 2011


“With just over ten years’ of limited CD-R and digital releases under his belt already, Polish sound organiser Cezary Gapik finally makes his vinyl debut with his limited edition long-player. Featuring just one track per side, ‘Contrast I’ is a substantial slab of high quality electronics with an insidious depth and meditative power. Working shades of Kevin Drumm’s monolithic minimalism just past the twenty-minute mark ‘#0473 [Tremor]’ underpins layers of subtly shifting tones with a viscous low-end throb that relentlessly burrows its way inside your frontal lobes. Changing track with the aptly titled ‘#0458 [Drowsiness]’ things settle into a ghostly drift as hazy narcotic vapours and muffled glitches simultaneously seep from the grooves, lingering long and sleepy like Oval or Aphex Twin at their most ambient and ethereal. White Box are promising further releases from Gapik later in the year and if ‘Contrast I’ is anything to go by they’ll be well worth waiting for.”

Andrew Carden | Rock-A-Rolla Feb/Mar 2011

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