CEZARY GAPIK – “Contrast I” (Review: Experimedia)

Posted on Jan 25, 2011


The White Box label presents a release by Polish electronic experimental/harsh ambient drone musician Cezary Gapik. Gapik’s deeply unsettling soundscapes go beyond the primal “power electronics” assaults (which the label adores and thrives on), of early Whitehouse and Sutcliffe Jugend. They go far beyond the capabilities of many of the supposed “dark ambient” artists releasing music today. Primitive forms have been discarded in favor of an articulate attention to detail, all for the benefit of the discerning listener. Fans of diverse, forward-thinking sound artists such as Philip Jeck, Kevin Drumm, Tim Hecker, Carlos Giffoni, Phill Niblock, Peter Rehberg, Fennesz and other SERIOUS people should take note. Gapik’s sonic assaults and tonally perverse audio structures house such progressive depth, that upon discovering this music, White Box concluded there was simply too much good material to contain in a single release. Presented here is part one of a triptych; “Contrast I” comprises two pieces, and perhaps not surprisingly given its title, features two very different compositional approaches from the same artist. From the opening moments of side A’s monolithic “#0473 [Tremor],” Gapik’s music asserts an unflinching, confrontational prowess all its own; an articulate slab of cold, metallic sound, unrelenting, aurally oppressive and executed with total precision. If we’re talking power electronics here (and as far as side A goes, we are), it doesn’t get much more forward-thinking than this. Side B track “#0458 [Drowsiness],” offers an altogether different approach to its side A counterpart, its peculiar, clustered tones slowly creeping in and out of phase, seemingly designed to throw off the listener, traversing dark psychedelic territories. White Box will be releasing “Contrast” Parts II and III further into 2011. Limited edition vinyl release of 400 copies only. Features gorgeous sleeve art from Berlin-based painter Suse Kipp.

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