Boomkat product review for: Cezary Gapik – “Contrast I”

Posted on Jan 20, 2011


**Strictly Limited to 400 copies, first 100 on red vinyl** White Box showcase two sides of Cezary Gapik’s character with an alternately terrifying and reflective slab of blood red wax. Active in the Polish underground for over two decades, Cezary’s work incorporates the fundamentals of avant-garde music by Stockhausen, Feldman, Ferrari et al with computer processing and collaborations with artists such as Scorn, creating music based on drones and micro-tonal sound interlaced with field recordings and glitch edits. His two compositions here are clearly defined by their evocative titles. Entering the vast subduction zone of ‘Tremor’ we find a wall of subbass forced beneath layers of excoriating noise, the resultant friction creating masses of kinetic energy released as pure, blistered noise before cooling to a spongy mass of molten granite drones resonating over an endless plain. If that side was the genesis, ‘Drowsiness’ could be a time-lapsed sonic image of billions of years of ecosystem evolution, a calm, steadily blooming mass of harmonic forestation sprawling across the tract of newly created land, all at once blissfully serene, but with an underlying meditative and psychedelic agenda. We cant wait for the next two instalments – highly recommended.

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